Business Hours

1. What are your business days and hours?

          A: Our business days are from Mondays to Fridays. We start at 10am and end at 5pm.


1. Where can I see your product in person?

A:  You may have a scheduled visit at the Samatta Showroom. We are located at: 108 Raha Sulayman Bldg., Benavidez St. Legaspi Village, Makati City.

2. Are your products real leather?

A:  Yes! Our products under the Leather Collection and Artisan Series as long as specified are made from certified genuine leather.

3. Are the products sold on the Samatta Online Shop new?

A:  Definitely. We guarantee that all products featured and sold at our Samatta Online Shop are all new.

4. What type of leather do you use?

A:  We use premium full grain leather.

5. What type of hardware do you use?

A: We currently use a metal composition plated with nickel and sometimes with antique finnish.

6. May I request for a mark or no mark on the leather that I am about to purchase?

A: Unfortunately no. We only make a few pieces per batch and it’s really the luck of the draw.

7. Can you pick a lighter or darker shade for me?

A: Not really, chances are they’ll be from the same batch and are very similar with each other.

8. Does this particular bag have a room for ...( my cologne..bottled water?..etc)

A: Please take time to read the details of the product(s)you’re interested in on the Website. Product information are readily available here to help you make better decisions when purchasing our product(s).

9. I can’t seem to find anymore the style I wanted? May I still order it?

A: If there’s a style you’re looking for that you don’t see anymore on our Online Shop, please send us a message with the following details: SKU/ product name and a photo of it. We’ll do our best to find your item(s) and deliver it to you. Another option is we can make one for you; as long as you’re not in a rush. Email: customersupport@samattaleather.com

10. I bought a bundled gift set, but I don’t want one of the items in the set, may I return that one(1) item only?

A: Unfortunately, no. If you buy a bundled gift set, you have to get all of the items included in that bundle.

11. May I return the item I purchased at your showroom instead?

A: Yes you may as long as the return has been authorized and you are able to show your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

Stockists / Distributorship / Brand Inquiries

1. Can I be a stockist or distributor of your brand in my shop or online shop?

A: Thank you for your interest in our products and we welcome this kind of partnerships. To become a stockist, kindly send a link to your website, images of your shop, location, other brands carried and items of interest together with your proposal. Please email us your stockist requests and other brand inquiries at customerservice@smattamanila.com or give us a ring at +63 906 5071376.


1. Can I use my own shipping account?

A: No, sorry. We use a third party shipper and we must use their account.

2. Can the items be delivered to my office?

A: Yes, office and home addresses are considered delivery destinations. Just make sure that the correct and complete address details are given upon Checkout. The recipient is required to sign a waybill as confirmation of receipt and proof of delivery. We reserve the right to request for a valid government issued ID or an authorized letter to ensure safekeeping of your package.Most especially when you are not able to receive the package and someone will receive it on your behalf.

3. What if the purchased item(s) is a gift to another person?

A: If you’re feeling generous and wish to send your purchase as a gift to another, simply enter the recipient’s details in the space provided under the shipping section.

Leather Care

1. How often should I condition my leather?

A: It really depends on the kind and quality of your leather. More likely, it is ideal to condition them every 6 months. But first always test in a small area to see if you like the result. If yes, apply in thin, even layers allowing each application to completely dry.

2. Will it darken my leather?

A: It might, it might not. It really depend on how the leather has been treated. That’s why it’s important to test first in a small spot.

3. Will the color rub off while applying conditioner?

A: Yes, it will a bit when you’re applying conditioner. It’s important to let the thin application dry out well on the leather.