The SAMATTA BRAND was born in 2006. A hands on all Filipino company run by very passionate and talented people. At SAMATTA, the product and the process that go through to turn creativity into a reality are equally important. The company engages in the design, manufacture, retail and wholesale of functional and finely crafted leather goods at exceptional values. Checkbook sleeves, saddle bags, watch rolls, paper weights, travel trays and jewelry cases are some of the leather wares we create for city, travel, and business.


We infuse traditional elegance and modern trends in our designs. We get our inspiration from the streets of Marrakech to the sands of Boracay. We embrace the different cultures all around and combine it with that of ours, resulting to pieces of unique leather crafts that express life, warmth, texture and inspiration. We strongly believe in an eco-friendly environment and being socially responsible by minimizing waste through the use of scrap leather in some of our products while maximizing the utility of raw materials.


  • Our products are handcrafted with skill and care using well selected materials.

 The SAMATTA BRAND adapts to any lifestyle.

We are committed to quality.

We are classic, chic and uniquely functional.